Tour guiding is an honourable and rewarding profession. There are wide variety of tour guides, from city guides to ecotourism guides to mountain guides and more. Guides are required in every environment that attracts tourists. This course will explore the tourism industry, its structure, rules and regulations. It will introduce the participant to the basic knowledge and skills required to become a tour guide.

Sustainable Tourism is designed as an Introductory Course for students who are presently working in the hospitality and tourism industry OR who have interest in doing so in the near future. It provides students with a clear understanding of the concepts of sustainable development, tourism and sustainable tourism.  It provides the students with an introduction to issues relating to the optimum use of natural, cultural, social and financial resources for the development of tourism on an equitable and self-sustaining basis. The ultimate goal being continuous improvement in the well-being of the Citizen.   It establishes that development and tourism are based on consumer behaviour and highlights the types of tourism and tourist that form the target market for this industry. It also introduces the student to the broader concept of the tourism system and its role in national development. 

This course discusses Sustainable Tourism in the Caribbean.

NOTE:  This course was produced by the University of West Indies Open Campus for the Caribbean Tourist Organization.  The content of this course is similar to the content presented in Tourism 002 - Sustainable Tourism, but with emphasis on the Caribbean tourist sector.  The formating also reflects the UWI Learning Exchange environment.